Whip Me Baby One More Time

Chi Chingona, #38ddd

Friday night, most of us are getting home from work and getting ready to enjoy the start of the weekend. That wasn’t the case for members of our league. Just like the “Bat Signal,” a call was made out to Sun City Roller Girls. Due to a high demand of ticket sales, we were called into the Judging Arena to start dismantling “La Llorona.”  “La Llorona” was to be moved into a bigger venue inside the Coliseum. “La Llorona” is no lightweight, she comes in just a bit under 6 TONS!!

Now on Sundays the average person is sleeping in, going to church, or preparing for a Sunday Funday with their families. Sun City Roller Girls aren’t like most people. Roller derby girls are mothers, sisters and daughters. We are working women, students and caretakers. Some of us are getting things ready for the start of a new week; washing clothes, feeding our families, completing school assignments, and even working an extra shift. In addition to all that, we need to prep for a battle on the track.

This past Sunday, the Sexecutioners took on Las Viudas Negras. “Whip Me Baby One More Time” is the 2nd bout of  SCRG’s 9th season. Both teams made their debut for the 2017 season. The Sexecutioners have 14 skaters, and 3 of them are returning veterans after being out a few seasons. Las Viudas Negras is also made up of 14 skaters, but only 10 skaters were able to bout. With new transfers from other teams, they have become the anticipated team to watch.

As the first whistle blew, the Sexies’ jammer, Trixie Polverizer, went against Las Viudas Negras’ jammer, BAMbi SLAMbi. At the end of the 1st jam, the Sexies lead on points. At the end of the 1st quarter, Las Viudas Negras were only trailing by 11 points. Then, during the Penalty Wheel, Lily MuncHer from the Sexies was defeated on the Long Jump challenge against Dee Dee Dynamite, giving Las Viudas Negras 2 extra points. The next two quarters of the bout, The Sexecutioners were  able to successfully stop Las Viudas’ fast jammers finishing the half with a 24 point lead.

As the second half started, in the penalty box, Viudas’ Rainbow Ninja, BAMbi SLAMbi, Tazzmanian Devil and Sexies’ Scouts OnHer were sitting out the first jam. This gave The Sexecutioners; jammer, Trixie Polverizer, an advantage against Las Viudas Negras’ jammer, DeeDee Dynamite, with only Skatey Perry as a lonesome blocker. She was no match against Sexecutioners’ defensive wall of Lorena Bob-It, Lily MuncHer and VDoll Slashsoon.  Las Viudas Negras’ Co-Captain, BAMbi SLAMbi, was jamming when GroundPound Her hit her hard causing her to fall off the track. This hard hit caused the Viudas’ jammer to hurt her arm and seek medical attention. Glad to report that she is doing well and will be back in no time.

Las Viudas Negras came back stronger by building a defensive wall and trying to stop The Sexies from scoring, but in the end, The Sexecutioners finished the bout with a 25 point lead. Final score was 119 Sexies 94 Viudas.

Mark your calendars for the next bout, “Skating Alive” on Sunday, April 23rd as Las Catrinas take on Las Diablas.

Signing off, Chi Chingona #38ddd

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