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Mazzy Scar, #53 – Photo by Kitty Luv Photography

For the third bout of the derby season, Las Diablas prepare to take on current league champs Las Catrinas and there is plenty of excitement in the air. This is especially true for Diablas rookies who are getting ready to play their very first bout of the season. When asked what is the scariest thing she anticipates happening during the bout, rookie skater Punkie BruiseHer said “My wheel coming off!”Luckily, this didn’t happen and Punkie’s wheel stayed put for the entire bout– good job wheel! As for the most exciting part of their first bout, rookies Punkie and Robby Osa said they are excited to put what they learned in practice to the test. And they did just that, since taking on Las Catrinas was no easy task. Las Catrinas are 1-0 after their victory over the Chuco Town Chulas and are ready to put another win under their belt. When asked about pre-bout rituals, Rose Ty-her said Las Catrinas always make sure to put on their face paint, or “war paint”, for each and every bout.

As the first whistle blows, Catrinas’ Kitty Killmore goes up against Diablas jammer SarcasmScarGasm. Catrinas blockers Rose Ty-her, Ravenclaw-Her, and Fullmetal Jackie set up a brutal defensive wall against the Diablas’ jammer, forcing her to go for a “panty pass”- during which jammer Sarcasm ScarGasm passes her jammer helmet panty to pivot Ginger Snap-YaNeck. Ginger becomes the Diabla’s jammer, yet the Catrinas’ defense is effective and at the end of the jam, the Catrinas earned a 10-0 lead. The Catrinas’ lead jammer status was challenged as Ravenclaw-Her faced off against Diablas jammer Battle Angel. With an effective blocker wall consisting of Disco Brawl, Fleetwood Smack, Ginger Snap-YaNeck, and Sarcasm ScarGasm, Battle Angel skated her way to lead jammer status and earned 9 points for her team. Notable rookie jammer for Las Diablas included PAINApple, who earned lead jammer status on her very first jam of the night.

The highest scoring jam of the night belonged to non other than Las Catrinas. Towards the end of the first period, Kitty Killmore went up against Sarcasm ScarGasm. With two Diablas on the penalty bench, only two Diablas blockers remained on the track. Kitty Killmore took full advantage of this situation and fought her way through the pack, earning her team 13 points and further extending Las Catrinas’ lead. The top-scoring Diablas jam of the night belonged to Invade-Her Cyn, as she went up against Catrinas jammer KNasty. Although KNasty earned lead jammer status and put up 8 points for Las Catrinas, Invade-Her Cyn managed to speed her way through the pack and earn 11 points for Las Diablas.

At halftime, the score of 108 to 71 favored Las Catrinas, although this 37-point difference still left Las Diablas with a fighting chance to make a comeback during the second half.

The second half of the bout brought the triumphant return of the penalty wheel, with a hula-hoop competition between Catrinas’ Ravenclaw-Her and Diablas’ Battle Angel. Both skaters tried to hula-hoop their way to victory but ultimately, Ravenclaw-Her took the win and earned one point for Las Catrinas.

The Diablas broke the 100-point mark during the fourth period, as Catrinas jammer GeM’n’M faced off against Diablas jammer Fleetwood Smack. During this jam, GeM’n’M earned lead jammer status and 9 points for her team. Fleetwood Smack earned 2 points for Las Diablas, bringing the score to 183-101 in favor of Las Catrinas.

It was a brutal bout, with many falls, penalties, and aggressive skating by both teams. In the end, Las Catrinas took home the win with a final score of 200 to 109 and remain undefeated this season. MVP blocker awards went out to Ravenclaw-Her and Sarcasm ScarGasm and MVP jammer awards were given to Wendy Scarling and Battle Angel.

In roller derby, every single player skates their heart out and is an MVP in my book! So make sure you join us next month as Las Viudas Negras take on the Chuco Town Chulas! Support your local roller derby!

-Derby hugs & kisses, Mazzy Scar #53

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