SCRG Travels to Battle on the Bank: War in the Desert

Mazzy Scar, #53 – Photo by Kitty Luv Photography

You know that feeling you get when you see a side of things you never knew existed? When you thought you knew about something, but then you experience something that leaves you with a completely different perspective? Well, that is exactly what the Sun City Derby Girls (SCRG) Travel Team experienced in Phoenix, Arizona. This past weekend, SCRG sent our first EVER travel team to compete in a banked track roller derby tournament- Battle on the Bank. Mind you, most of us are new to the world of banked track roller derby, and I am sure most of us have never personally experienced a banked track tournament. So needless to say, we were blown away by this experience to bout against teams from all across the United States.

Walking into the venue, we saw an impressive, welcoming, beautiful banked track- it was every derby girl’s dream come true! And then, we saw them- our derby idols, the derby girls we’ve only met online and seen on live-stream derby bouts. These derby girls were IMPRESSIVE! From their formidable athletic builds, to their impressive skating skills, to their welcoming and humble personalities, these derby skaters were everything we ever dreamed of. We learned so much from watching these top-level skaters – skills, footwork, strategy, and teamwork at a skill level beyond what we have ever witnessed firsthand. You know the phrase “fan girl”? Yeah, that was us! We were simply blown away by these derby athletes and looked for every opportunity to take videos, pictures, or collect any little souvenir from our idols.

As for the bouts SCRG played in, it is fair to say we were definitely the new kids on the block, the underdogs of the tournament. Given that this was our first time competing as a team, we tried our best to learn from this experience. Our first bout was against our fellow Texans, the TXRD All Scar Army. This team was fierce, strong, and taught us a side of derby we have never experienced during our home bouts in El Paso. We put up a fight, but in the end, the final score of 27 to 180 (TXRD) showed us that we have much room for improvement. This loss definitely humbled us and as a team, we mentally prepared for our bout the following day. Our next bout was against a team ranked higher than TXRD, Deadly Rival Roller Derby from Florida. From what we experienced and what the fans told us afterward, this bout was intense from start to finish. The score was close throughout the entire bout, and in the end, the final score of 116 to 124 showed how much we had improved from only the day before. Although the win belonged to Deadly Rival, corny as it may sound, we really felt like winners in our hearts because we fought incredibly hard and knew how much our team had improved from only the day before.

Thus, although we didn’t take home any wins from this tournament, it was such a humbling, enlightening, and transformative experience that we all felt like we won something. The SCRG Travel Team is learning, growing, and eager to show El Paso and the rest of the banked track derby world what we can do. We are immensely proud of our sport, proud of our league, and proud of ourselves. We hope that everyone can share in these experiences with us and continue to support our league and attend our bouts- near or far. So if you’re ready to see some derby up close and personal, make sure to check out our next home bout on Sunday June 25th. This will be a double header, so that means you get to see the Chuco Town Chulas take on the SeXecutioners and Las Viudas Negras go up against Las Diablas. Support your local roller derby!

-Derby hugs & kisses, Mazzy Scar #53

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Professional Photos by: OHBrad Jamit
Other Photos by SCRG Skaters

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