Sunday Bloody Sunday

Lyfsa Peach, #555

Bout Day comes with many promises; the promise of bonding with teammates, the promise of learning something new and you are definitely promised some killer bruises. When it came to Sunday’s double-header, that affirmation is quadrupled. As the girls were getting ready, painting on their war faces, feelings of excitement & nervousness took over.

For one specific team, nervousness was the only feeling taking over. “We’re stressed as (expletive)! We had to borrow two of your girls. (expletive) no I’m not hyped.” says Diablas’ coach, Kael-er Vibes. The Diablas team has battled through game after game with only few players. This game has allowed them two more players and a greater shot at taking victory. SIN-derella and MAULeficent are originally from Las Viudas Negras team and were asked to be Diablas for a day. “I’m excited, a little nervous but I feel happy to help out another team– but Viudas all the way, always.” said SIN-derella. “I just want to thanks the Viudas for helping us through the (expletive) storm.” said Coach Vibes.

As The Diablas team is mostly made-up of first season players, they knew taking on The Chuco Town Chulas (an all-veteran team) was going to be a challenge. For captain Sarcasm Scargasm, she sees every game as an opportunity for team improvement. “I always invest a lot of time into practices weekly and preparing for each bout every month. This specific bout is interesting because our coach is an old Chula, so there’s that little [record scratch noise]. So I think it’s going to be really fun and both of our teams are playing pretty short stacked.” Said Scargasm.

“Since we have just drafted a bunch of new girls and our team is really small and kind of misfits right now, every game is really significant because we’re working to build towards better teamwork, you know? So every game we look at is a learning experience [and] we’re gonna go out there and have a (expletive) load of fun but hope for the best.” Scargasm added.

As soon as the 2nd whistle blows, The Chulas played a fast-paced strategy in the game. The Diablas had a more defense-oriented strategy. By halftime, The Diablas were behind 21 points as jammers relentlessly tried to close the gap. The Chulas took the opportunity to showcase their distinctive jamming skills almost at double-time and took the win 79-39. Jammer Penny Piston and blocker Willa Meanstreak took MVP for The Chulas and jammer PAINapple and blocker Fleetwood Smack took MVP’s for The Diablas.

For the second half of our double-header, The SeXecutioners and Las Catrinas take the opportunity to strut their stuff and show the audience what makes them both strong teams. Miss Chiefious, a blocker for The SeXecutioners, says she feels the fans help to bring out their best. “The most exciting thing are the fans. When they get pumped up and then you get pumped up and then you do better.” said Chiefious.

This game was important for Raven Claw-her, a blocker and jammer for Las Catrinas, as she remembers playing The SeXecutioners last season. “We had a really close game, [we won] by one point. They are fun to play with.” When asked who she looked forward to playing most she said, “I like Trixie. Last season [as a rookie] she would intimidate me and now that I’ve grown as a skater, I’m just trying to push my limits. But I’ll be gunning for everybody, the jammer specifically.” said Claw-her.

On the first jam, SeXecutioners jammer Trixie Polverizer, took the lead and played a classic move on rookie, Wendy Scarling, called the can-opener. This is when you lean forward with your shoulder, get low and prepare to impact a hit on the opposing player. Las Catrinas played a simple strategy, take the hit or take off. That was definitely the case when Scarling dodges Polverizer’s hit and takes the lead, gaining two full sets of points and calling off the jam before Polverizer can score her second set of points.

This set the mood for the entire game. Fans were literally at the edge of their seats, cautiously observing the teams topple over each other fiercely, bringing back that feeling that this is what they came for. At halftime, Las Catrinas were leading 37-36. At this point in the game, nobody can feel certain about the win.

At time-out, on The SeXecutioners’ side of the track, you could hear Coach El Squido proposing new strategies, trying to crack Las Catrinas’ plan of action. On the Catrinas’ side, Captain Kitty Killmore makes a point for her team to strongly stick to the plan and reiterates what they have practiced. It is a critical decision-making period, a team resolution.

At last jam, Killmore takes Polverizer on and tries to take the win for Las Catrinas. Polverizer managed to get past the wall of Catrinas and scores the winning points her team needed ending the game at 53 for Las Catrinas and 71 for The SeXecutioners. Wendy Scarling and Cheri Vicious took MVP for Las Catrinas, Trixie Polverizer and She-Lay Picosa took MVP for The SeXecutioners.

Past the glitter & attention, only very few people actually witness the amount of work, effort and immense commitment that goes into just one game. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you came from or what you look like, in the end the only measurable thing is the love you have for the sport. These women have proved just that.

By Candice Marlene (Lyfsa Peach)


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