Rollin’ with the Homies

Mazzy Scar, #53 – Photo by Kitty Luv Photography

Sun City Roller Girls wrapped up their regular season with a bout that left fans at the edge of their seats until the very last jam. Las Viudas Negras took on the Chuco Town Chulas for a chance to play in the championship so there was a lot riding on the outcome of this bout. For Viudas player Lyfsa Peach, this bout was not just about her team making it to champs, but her last time skating with SCRG before she leaves for Spain. Lyfsa Peach stated her last bout is “mostly bitter but still sweet” and she promised to “go out with a bang”. Similarly, Tiny Smash from the Chulas promised to play her best game yet as she prepared to go up against a skater she considers “an inspiration”- Feral Dixon. Tiny Smash was nervous, yet excited to go up against skaters like Feral Dixon and proudly exclaimed “There is no sorry in derby, I’m gonna get mine!”

During the first jam of the bout, the Viudas took a 4-point lead that was quickly undone by Chulas jammer Penny Piston, who scored 9 points during the second jam, leaving the score 4 to 9 in favor of las Chulas. Chulas blockers Lady Viper and Willa Meanstreak did a phenomenal job of assisting their jammers by demolishing the Viudas blocker wall long enough for jammers like Lady Latte Pain to squeak through. Yet the Chula lead did not last long as the Viudas quickly began to dominate the scoreboard once again. With a strong blocker wall consisting of skaters Rainbow Ninja, DeeDee Dynamite, and Jazmanian Devil, the Viudas were able to hold back Chula jammer Penny Piston long enough for Viudas jammer Clem Plow Her to earn lead jammer status and score 5 points for her team. Notable Viudas jammers included MAULeficent, who earned lead jammer status and scored 7 points with the help of a powerful Viudas blocker wall. At the end of the first half, the score of 41 to 57 favored the Viudas although the 16-point difference still gave the Chulas a fighting chance to reclaim the lead.

The second half showed how intense and unpredictable roller derby is- especially when a chance for the championship is at stake. Chulas blockers Lady Viper, Vicious Vixen, La Peleonera, and Sweet Child O’ Crime delivered brutal hits and demonstrated teamwork that effectively held back jammers such as DeeDee Dynamite and BAMbi SLAMbi. The Viudas also demonstrated formidable walls with blockers such as Nitro Jen, DeeDee Dynamite, and Jazmanian Devil using impressive footwork to hold back Chulas jammers. The Viudas maintained their lead during most of the second half, yet the score changed in favor of the Chulas after jammer Lady Latte Pain earned lead jammer status and earned the Chulas enough points to dominate the scoreboard by one point with only four minutes left in the bout.

The last four minutes of game play was intense as the lead changed once again in favor of the Viudas (2-point lead) and then back to the Chulas (2-point lead). Adding to the unpredictability, Viudas player DeeDee Dynamite was ejected with only 2 minutes left in the bout and Rainbow Ninja was ejected with only 41 seconds left in the bout. With two of their strongest players ejected, the Viudas sent their best lineup for the last jam since the score of 80 to 83 favored the Viudas by only 3 points. Viudas players Nitro Jen, Lyfsa Peach, and jammer BAMbi SLAMbi prepared to defend their lead, win the bout, and move on to the championship. The Chulas also used their best skaters during the last jam, with blockers Willa Meanstreak, Vicious Vixen, Lady Viper, La Peleonera, and jammer Penny Piston ready to prove what they can do with only seconds left to skate. In what is unarguably one of the most exciting jams in recent SCRG history, Penny Piston blazed past the Viudas wall, earned lead jammer status, and called off the jam after earning five points for the Chulas. The Viudas did not score any points during the last jam, leaving the final score 83 to 85 in favor of the Chuco Town Chulas.

With the Chulas taking the win over the Viudas, season standings resulted in a three-way tie for the chance the play the undefeated Sexecutioners for the championship. Las Catrinas, Chuco Town Chulas, and Las Viudas Negras each had two wins, two losses this season. The tiebreaker for champs was decided based on total points scored this season and after tallying up points, defending champs Las Catrinas will be taking on the Sexecutioners for the coveted golden skate trophy! So mark your calendar for Sunday, October 15 for the championship bout and make sure to cheer on all these amazing skaters!

-Derby hugs & kisses, Mazzy Scar #53


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