La Batalla de la Llorona

Lady Latte Pain, #14oz – Photo by Alex Briseno

The battle for the Championship title is always a fun game to watch. Both teams fighting to keep their standing, and the other team trying to take the coveted title. This championship game was a little different for a huge reason: SCRG would be skating flat track for this bout.

Every skater was excited to throw it back for some good memories or to see if their skills would transfer off the banked track. Some of the veteran skaters who started with SCRG remember the old days and we’re excited to play like they did back then. The first games for SCRG started as flat track games, even as I write this I remember watching my first roller derby bout at the El Paso County Coliseum in 2010. This sport is as vigorous as it was then, and I look up to the women I watched way back then…now as teammates.

The SeXecutioners held the title of being undefeated the whole season and even had a Snapchat filter for the event. Las Catrinas came dressed in ghoulish capes per their theme and would fight to hold on to their championship trophy for another season. Pre-bout I spoke with some skaters experienced in flat track. Lily Munch-Her, “I hope I do ok, it’s been a while,” as she talked about her background in playing flat track, “I’m excited to take it back to old school!”

The first jam would put Wendy Scarling vs. Trixie Polverizer against each other. Wendy being one of the newer skaters to join Las Catrinas proves that she is made for this sport by taking lead and powering through the Sexie wall after multiple power hits from their blockers. The game continues by bringing out some power moves and skaters from both teams. Mazzy Scar, another skater with pre-SCRG flat track experience, would jam second. Playing flat track seemed to take a toll on Las Catrinas with a team full of skaters mostly experienced on banked track. They would lose the lead by more than 20 points and have to fight to keep the score neck and neck through the game. Without a banked track to push the skaters into formations this game required much more endurance.

One of the wild cards and a skater to watch out for, Lily Munch-Her, would shine throughout the game circling (literally a few times) around her opponents. Just before halftime she would help her team gain a 44-28 lead, jump the apex and wall of blockers, and at the end was cheeky enough to smile and wave at the Catrinas as she passed by their bench.  The game was definitely more aggressive than usual with skaters racking up penalties and hitting harder especially for not having the track to help power them. Kitty and Devastation, the sisters of Las Catrinas, near halftime were distressed and yelling at their team to hold it together and block while the Sexies kept pulling points. Kitty Kilmore, earned her MVP jammer award, even in the first half, getting grand slam jams and evening out the score for her team taking them 55 vs 67.

This game brought out some agility and quickly jammers had to use their juking and dodging skills to fake out opposing blockers. RavenClaw Her used some strategic moves in order to block during her own jam. By sacrificing only part of her jam she closed the gap in points for her team. The score is closer than ever, but ejections are happening left and right. Tension is high as, KNasty, Lily Munch-Her, and RavenClaw Her are also ejected. The score is bouncing back and forth as the crowd goes crazy for their favorite teams. Finally with only two jams left Kitty Killmore makes the most points in a single jam, getting her team from 111-110. The last jam completely floors both teams. Las Catrinas pull through to keep their trophy by holding back the Sexies til the very end. The score is 114-111 with Las Catrinas as the second year championship winners.

The MVP’s were undeniable in this game!

Las Catrinas: Kitty Killmore with the MVP Jammer and RavenClaw Her with the MVP Blocker.
SeXecutioners: Lily Munch-Her as MVP Jammer, and Trixie Polverizer as MVP Blocker.

See you next season!
Lady Latte Pain


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Photos by: Dino Chiecchi


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