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La Batalla de la Llorona

The battle for the Championship title is always a fun game to watch. Both teams fighting to keep their standing, and the other team trying to take the coveted title. This championship game was a little different for a huge reason: […]

Rollin’ with the Homies

Sun City Roller Girls wrapped up their regular season with a bout that left fans at the edge of their seats until the very last jam. Las Viudas Negras took on the Chuco Town Chulas for a chance to play in the […]

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Bout Day comes with many promises; the promise of bonding with teammates, the promise of learning something new and you are definitely promised some killer bruises. When it came to Sunday’s double-header, that affirmation is quadrupled. As the girls were […]

Slice Girls

Sugar, Spice, and Everything… SLICE. Last June, the Sun City Roller Girls sold out the Judging Arena for their double-header bout. This month, the women of SCRG set up their full sized banked track in the El Paso County Coliseum for another […]


On this Sunday evening the 25th of June 2017, El Paso is trying to keep cool during record high temperatures.  We here at Sun City Roller Girls however are preparing for the first double header of the Season. It is 91 […]

Skating Alive

For the third bout of the derby season, Las Diablas prepare to take on current league champs Las Catrinas and there is plenty of excitement in the air. This is especially true for Diablas rookies who are getting ready to […]

Whip Me Baby One More Time

Friday night, most of us are getting home from work and getting ready to enjoy the start of the weekend. That wasn’t the case for members of our league. Just like the “Bat Signal,” a call was made out to […]

Derby is Back – 9th Season Opener

As the sun begins to set over the El Paso skyline, the Sun City Roller Girls are getting ready to kick off their first bout of the 2017 season. Nestled behind the El Paso County Coliseum sits the Judging Arena- […]